Thelonius Q. Beaumont

An inventor of little notoriety, Thelonius Beaumont was once a ship mechanic employed in the shipyards toiling away day after day repairing damaged ships. He would have gone by unremembered if not for his penchant for inventing strange doodads.

His tinkering would lead to the creation of what some would call the marvel of the age, Archimedes the mechanical man, nicknamed Archie by it's creator. Thelonius would debut his creation during the town fair, to the astonishment of all of Mainport. This strange being was built in secret and using scrap metal and parts discarded during ship repairs. No one was sure what powered him or how he was able to speak and think. When Thelonius commanded Archimedes to walk it drew gasps from the crowds that had gathered, when ordered it to speak it's voice elicited screams of astonishment from the crowds. It also drew allegations of fraud, but Thelonius proudly opened Archimedes chest to reveal a myriad of gears and pumps. The amazed crowd gathered to watch as Thelonius demonstrated all the Archimedes could accomplish, from his great physical strength to it's high resistance to fire and rust. Thelonius would be hailed as a genius, and in time he would be take a job constructing more mechanical men for one of Mainports wealthy tycoons.

Setting up a workshop near the shipyards and bringing Archie as his assistant, Thelonius set to work creating a veritable army of his "Mecha-men", as he had taken to calling them. He had promised to usher in a new era of industry. Before long he would complete four more mecha-men, Euclid, Pythagoras, Aristotle and Plato; and they would be set to work around the shipyard aiding the human workers. He would also partner with some of Mainports leading thinkers to help build an improve many things around the city, having a hand in optimizing the electrical grid that would come to power Mainport for decades to come.

Taking time off to spend with his family he would leave Archie in charge of the others, and for a time things were fine.

But one night during a terrible storm, Thelonius was startled to find Archie at his front door. The Mechanical being had come to fetch him as there was a problem at the shipyards, though because of the storms ferocity the only ones at the shipyard where his mecha-men. What transpired after Thelonius arrived is unknown to any living soul, as Thelonius would never speak of that night again, only saying that Archimedes saved his life. What is known is that a few hours after leaving his home a series of explosions where heard and seen coming form the shipyards in the direction of his workshop. When help arrived a heavily injured Thelonius was found lying nearby the wrecked hulk of his workshop, most of which had been blown into the bay. When asked what happened he had babbled incoherently about a group having turned against him and attacking, before passing out.

When asked again later on he replied that the storm had ruptured a gas container which exploded causing a chain reaction which destroyed the building, and that Archimedes had used his great strength to hurl him through a window before the entire place exploded. When asked about the men he had spoken of who attacked him, he replied that he had been in intense pain and more than likely hallucinated. After this he decided to never speak of the incident again.

When he fully recovered he returned to his former profession as a ship repairer and engineer no longer building mechanical men, claiming that the ordeal had damaged his hands to the extent that they were no longer useful in the delicate work of fin tuning the mechanisms that would give them life.

In recognition of his accomplishments, the engineering wing of the Mainport's most prestigious college was named after him.

During a salvage operation in the bay, searchers were amazed to discover one of Beaumont's Mechanical men. Identified through old photographs as being Archimedes. He know rests in Mainports Museum of natural history as the crown jewel in their History of Mainport exhibit

Thelonius Q. Beaumont and Archimedes before his activation
Engineer and Inventor
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