"Tojo" never knew his parents, or even had a real name. His adopted father named he and his brothers after the nicknames of his old country's enemies (Jerry and Charlie).

Tojo was always assigned to sniper duty on the roof of the building his dad ran drugs out of (not that he understood those details when he was 5). But he became a damn good shot none-the-less.

At the age of 10, everything that Tojo was trained to prevent, happened. One of the regular couriers snuck a bomb in, and killed dad, Charlie, and Jerry on the lower floors.

Tojo felt the roof under him shudder and saw it begin to crack.

Panicking, he threw himself off the roof towards the nearest building. Breaking his leg on the way through the window to the hideout of Mainport's children's army.

Some of the leaders know that it was the children's army who bombed his home. Nobody knows how he would react if he found out.

Powers: Marksmanship.

Kind of Like: The grandson of the guy who killed your granddad at iwo jima.

Neutral, rapidly leaning villain
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