Tooth and Claw

Claw stood up, he smelled something. Through their link, Tooth smelled it too. Tooth's territory may not have been large compared to most, but whatever belonged to him, belonged to him.
- Shark and Sparrow, Chapter 2

Tooth operates independently of any organization. His goals tend to be simple - rob a bank, protect his turf, feed Claw. Doesn't pick fights, and would rather flee when faced with an opponent who he knows is stronger than him. Claw, on the other hand, eats faces and knows no fear. When Tooth lets him off the leash, you're in trouble.

Powers: Psychic link with his "pet" hyena, Claw. It follows his orders, although usually with more gore than necessary. It's also extremely smart and will operate on its own if left unattended. The rope muzzle and leash is unbreakable, by the hyena or anyone else.

Kind of Like: If Aquaman used toothier, land based animals.


Shark and Sparrow, Chapter 2 by Anonymous
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Tooth and Claw
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