Ultimate Champion

Known as Kyūkyoku no chanpion in her native Japan, she had been an up and coming female wrestler. But one day, as is common in japan, she was imbued with amazing powers by mysterious forces. Being that she was now super powered, she was barred from wrestling. Having nothing else to do she decided to master her powers through training.
After her intensive training she was able to increase said powers. Being a very competitive person, she set out to prove that she was the strongest being on the planet. Confronting some of the most powerful heroes and villains around the world. Now she has set her sights on Mainport and it's myriad of heroes, targeting Little Miss Bruiser and Mace. She has also singled out the Techno Viking, albeit for another reason. Though not truly evil, her single minded drive to be no.1 has set her against most of mainports heroes.

Powers: Immense Super strength, Invulnerability, super reflexes, seismic stomp, expert wrestling skills

Kind of Like: She-Hulk, Maxima, with Rasslor's motivation

The Ultimate Champion
Brawler, Wrestler
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