Madeleine Bonneau is a bit of a jock. She never really fit in her prim and proper private boarding school in Paris. When all her friends were captivated by make-up and Birkin bags, she had something else on her mind: to go really, really fast on her bicycle, and one day wear the yellow jersey for France. But one day on a training run, calamity struck! While racing through the country side, a lightning bolt slammed into the poor girl, leaving her in a coma. After long, painful months of recovery, she finally returned to the road - and found that her trusty, if rusty, wheels now carried her faster than her wildest dreams! With this gift, Madeleine's strong sense of justice brings her to crime fighting. But this Gallic girl's still competitive as ever and never backs down from a challenge.

Powers: Able to race at fantastic speeds (up to 200 km/h) on her enchanted, indestructible bicycle; phenomenal lower body strength

Kind of Like: The Flash + Korra on wheels

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