After one too many drinks, Sydney surfer Slade Jackson decided to compete in the Hawaii Surf Contests. During what was reported to be the biggest swell and stormy conditions for that years competition many surfers backed out, but with his bold nature and cocky attitude Slade went ahead and competed.

After pulling a perfect 360 shove it on a wave of biblical scale, tragedy struck when the storms lightning struck Slade. Weeks after recovering he discovered he could manipulate the electric atoms in water and control it. One year on and an awesome costume design later, he has taken up the mantle of Superhero and utilises his surfboard and water manipulating powers to fight crime and put out notorious Australian bush fires.

He can be seen Surfing around Mainport or facing members of the Shark Family with his buddy EL TIBURON.

Powers: Can bend the molecules around water to give it shape/manipulate it and to an extent generate it out of the air

Kind of Like: Spiderman meets silver surfer, only not as powerful as a cosmic entity

Sharp witted superhero
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